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The Untold Story : From Kakajjo to Moscow

By Waiswa Ebony……….. Very few people know that I have ever been in Russia studied there boozed like a fish had fun with Russian girls, saw the white night in St.Peters burg, was there when Clinton visited in the middle of winter and Russian Migs dispersing chemicals in the clouds and turned winter into summer […]

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Madagascar minister Serge Gelle swims 12 hours to safety after chopper crash

Agencies A Madagascan minister was one of the two survivors, to have swum at least 12 hours to safety on December 21, following the crash of a helicopter off the country’s northeast coast, authorities confirmed. A search is said to be still ongoing for two other passengers after the crash on Monday, whose cause hasn’t […]

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President Museveni juggles ambassadors

President Yoweri Museveni on Sunday announced shifting changes in Uganda’s  ambassadorial appointments that saw new faces as some notable figures missed out on the list.In a State House statement, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni replaced Dr Crispus Kiyonga as the country’s ambassador to Beijing with Oliver Wanekha – who has been Uganda’s representative to Rwanda.Retired Maj […]