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Living Nightmare: Rape

Saidat Nassali.……..The day was old and the moon was coming out slightly when the touch arrived. She was tiptoeing back to their little abode through a certain shortcut with sketchy neighborhoods comprised of banned out buildings, abandoned businesses plus boarded up domiciles. The street walks were all littered with the beer cans, urban tumble weeds […]

NEWS Technology

Health: A New hope for Diabetes cure,Unique Plant Species Cure Diabates

By Nganda Kizito…. Diabates is a result of damaged pancreatic beta cells making the pancreas unable to produce insulin which regulates glucose in the body.According to phytoscience-organic stem cell, it’s scientifically approved that nature has provided us with unique plant species to minimise diabates.Photocell technology has combined ingredients into a powerful product, that works on […]


Covid 19: Uganda Cricket returns,Fans celebrate the new elite tournament

For the first time this year, the Lugogo cricket oval served the purpose it was established for tens of years ago. Cricket returned, much to the delight of the players and the fans with the Elite Cricket League, that started on Sunday October 25. After the Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) decided to declare this year […]