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StarTimes TV marks world children’s day

StarTimes TV has joined the rest of the World in marking the International Children’s Day. This is a day, that was started on June 1 back in 1925, in Geneva, Switzerland. Yet, as this year’s Children’s Day reach a milestone of 95 years, StarTimes has organized a programme named Star Kids Gala, whichwill be on ST Kids Channel on June 1st at 7pm.

ST Kids is one of the most popular channels among children. But because of the Children’s Day celebrations, a 30-minute English program will be relayed, showing a compilation of dances, songs, magic shows and other fascinating content to be enjoyed by the young audience.

Isma Lule, the StarTimes Brand and Marketing Manager noted, “It is quite a hard time for everyone. However, together with all parents, StarTimes would like to offer a joyful time for the young audience especially on their own festival.”

Lule added, that since Uganda went into a lockdown in March, following the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, a special program titled Homeschooling was launched for children, to keep up their learning pace with their peers.

The other on air programs including The Guardians of Carcosa, Jelly Jamm and Fantasy Westward Journey have also contributed to the progress in imagination and creativity for children. In light of that, StarTimes introduced an e-commerce platform StarTimes Go.

Although this aimed at boosting entertainment in the home, it also helped empower children through educative programs. Through StarTimes Go, parents were provided an opportunity to acquire the StarTimes dish, decoder, TV set and a solar panel on credit, with full payment to be completed in two years.

There could not have been a more fitting innovation for children upcountry, where load-shedding is common, because with a TV set supported by solar energy, with or without electricity, children would watch StarTimes, and learn from a range of its programs.

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Recently, StarTimes launched another kids channel named TOONAMI. It is produced and distributed by Warner, and is positioned as an animated superhero channel for teens aged 6-14 with classic series including Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Lego Super Heroes and Dragon Ball.

Another channel coming soon on StarTimes is CBEEBIES. It was produced and broadcast by the BBC in 2002 and is aimed at children aged 6 and under for developing learning, independence, social skills and emotional control.

The channel has won the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television) Channel of the Year award five times. It is currently broadcast in over 100 countries worldwide in six languages. With all these children’s channels and programs created, StarTimes has proven its dedication towards children; a pertinent reason why they are arguably most fitting among all pay TV channels, to take part in commemorating the international children’s day.

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