Fufa technical centre in Njeru to serve as covid-19 patients quarantine location

By Kalyango David

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) has offered its technical centre in Njeru to the government of Uganda. This was revealed on Tuesday June 2 by the Fufa President, Moses Magogo.

According to Magogo, they are answering a call from the government, to offer their facility, to aid in the fight against covid-19. Magogo explained: “We were contacted by the government, that they needed space, to quarantine people in, that were suspected to have come into contact with the coronavirus.”

Eng.Moses Magogo

Over the last one month, Uganda has experienced a spike in covid-19 patients. Most of these have been drivers of trucks, transporting goods through the border points of Malaba and Busia in the Eastern part of the country. This has put many people, who have come into contact with these drivers at high risk.

Oftentimes, in order for the ministry of health to track people that have come into contact with the drivers, isolating them has been one measure. Yet, finding a suitable and commodious place, where to put them, has normally proved a challenge, considering the cost too.

That has made the Fufa technical centre handy. Magogo confirmed, that the government was being extended the facility for free. This to enable the government to dedicate more resources on treating patients, and looking after people placed in quarantine.

In addition, the Fufa technical centre in Njeru is located on the same highway leading to the border points of Malaba and Busia. These are the entry points to Kenya. The Fufa technical centre is just a few kilometres off the Jinja highway, near the Owen Falls dam.

However, by its nature, the technical centre provides a hide away feeling. Considering that it is a fenced off place with a gate, it is a safe place, serene and quiet. It offers a suitable ambiance for one to reflect, soul-search or rest. Depending on the varying conditions, that people placed in quarantine may be in, the Fufa technical centre is conducive.

For what it is worth, with the Fufa technical centre’s boarding facilities and conference rooms, it can take in a good number of people, while saving the government of the high lodging costs for the many people placed in quarantine.

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