Sports Business: Aldrine Nsubuga happy about tenure as Namboole stadium board chairman

By Dennis Ssembatya L Junior

The State Minister for Sport Hamson Obua announced a new board this week, to oversee the running of the Mandela National Stadium, Namboole. The new board led by Rosette Kebba, has a tenure running until 2023. She replaces Aldrine Nsubuga as board chairman, who bows out feeling proud of what has been achieved.

“When I became board chairman of Namboole stadium, there were a number of challenges, that confronted us. For example, we had to make sure, that we secure the Namboole land, and have its land titles,” Nsubuga said.

But in order to safeguard the stadium and its land being taken, Nsubuga noted, they had to make as many contacts with people, who could help them: “We made friends with people in government, that could help in the process of ensuring that the Namboole land titles were secured. And as I leave the board, I am happy to note, that the land titles have been got.”

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It has taken a lot of effort from the Nsubuga-led board for Namboole to realize this milestone amid several hurdles. Namboole has had so much encroachment on its land. And the perpetrators of this vice, Nsubuga said, made threats directed at the board, who were working to foil the unscrupulous people.

But, after Obua confirmed receipt of the legitimate Namboole land titles this week, encroachment and people claiming that land, should now be a thing of the past. And Nsubuga could not be anymore proud, as he credited all the people he had been working with on the matter.

In addition to that, Nsubuga pointed out how they have made sure, that Namboole stadium is self-financing, hence reducing its dependency on the government for funding. Nsubuga explained, that during his tenure at the helm, the meetings they held with his colleagues bore a lot of fruit.

Adopting business ideas, to enable the stadium generate income was always a pertinent matter for Nsubuga and company. And realizing that, to ensure that the stadium handled its bills, paid its workers and did maintenance works for it to have the required standard, will remain something Nsubuga will look back on with pride, now that he has bowed out.

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