Uganda Netball: Covid 19 tests and pregnancies frustrate throw off of the Netball League

The long awaited throw off of the National Netball League could not happen this weekend, following a host of challenges faced by the Uganda Netball Federation. The League, which had been slated to start on Saturday December 5, was called off, after among many things, most teams had not fulfilled the Covid-19 testing for their players.

However, the Uganda Netball Federation (UNF) will hold an executive meeting next week, on a date yet to be confirmed, to discuss a range of encumbrances, that deterred the league from beginning. And the whole purpose is about coming up with solutions to this recent standoff, so that the league can start before the end of the year.

Wilberforce Mutete, the spokesperson of UNF provided some insight on the situation they are faced with as a governing body: “Only two teams-Police and Weyonje out of the ten, were able to carry out the Covid-19 tests on their players, yet according to government guidelines, for sports activity to return, all the players must be tested, before games can resume.”

But that is not all. Mutete alluded to the fact that save for the fact that teams were probably struggling financially, hence their failure to test their players, others are yet to get them back to full fitness. Because of no netball activity for the last nine or so months, since the Covid-19 outbreak in Uganda, a number of players remain unfit.

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Mutete disclosed that they realized that so many girls have put on a lot of weight, and they will certainly need to cut off some kilos if they are to be able to play again soon. Yet, even that may be easy to deal with once those players are put on a rigorous training regime, in order to get them up to speed soon, because UNF is faced with another sticking point.

According to Mutete, UNF has also since discovered that a number of players conceived during the lock-down. Against that, those are unlikely to return to action for the next few months, something that has left their clubs disoriented now.

Nonetheless, UNF is not going to remain seated on its laurels, because of how circumstances have made it difficult for the league to start on the scheduled date. They will hold a meeting, to come up with solutions to the current situation, because as it is, UNF remain determined to ensure the league starts.

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