Sports Governance: Fufa Should Consider Introducing Term Limits for Its Presidency

By Irene Deborah Nannyonjo……

It’s a public secret that the incumbent Fufa President –Eng. Moses Magogo was destined to remain at the helm of the local soccer governing body until 2025 – having gone through unopposed after his would be opponents opted out – citing different predicaments.

The Fufa Electoral Committee declared Magogo unopposed on June 7, 2021 amidst allegations of foul-play during the nomination process. Magogo’s would be contenders in Allan Ssewanyana and Mujib Kasule, separately claimed that the regulation in place, technically locked them out.

Magogo was over the weekend, during a delegates ‘conference held at Wash and Will Hotel in Mbale City re-confirmed as the local governing football body’s supremo – making him the longest serving Fufa president in the country’s history with a guaranteed 12 years in the steering wheel, two more than ‘Ssekabaka’ Daudi Chwa – the federation’s founding boss who was in a similar seat for ten years from 1924 -1934.

Eng. Magogo, who doubles as the Budiope East representative in the 11th Ugandan Parliament, might have not been in this seat now if his immediate predecessor Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa had not stepped down in 2013 to create a vacuum as time to run for his third term neared. After serving as Fufa President for eight years (2005- 2013), Mulindwa created space for Magogo – blessings him to take up the most top leadership position of the country’s football governing body.

The incumbent’s sole candidature means that for the last 20 years now, the ballot paper for Fufa top most leadership position has always attracted a single candidate in the title of the office occupant. The recent build up to the candidature has showed that there is a need to get a solution to leadership and governance of sports in the country.

In 2013, the Uganda Olympics Committee – UOC amended its Constitution to limit the term of office for the president to twice at four years each. Other federations like the Uganda Cricket Association – UCA, the Uganda Netball Federation – UNF and the Uganda Rugby Union – URU have since respected the UOC Constitutional regulation that limits the term of office to two. 

I believe its high time Fufa followed this precedent after all there are  enough safeguards to ensure that only football people take up the highest leadership slot of the most popular sport.

And so to say that Rule of Law applies to sports governance as is in other fields.

  • The writer is a Lawyer and sports enthusiasts based in Kampala – Uganda.
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