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The Untold Story : From Kakajjo to Moscow

By Waiswa Ebony………..

Very few people know that I have ever been in Russia studied there boozed like a fish had fun with Russian girls, saw the white night in St.Peters burg, was there when Clinton visited in the middle of winter and Russian Migs dispersing chemicals in the clouds and turned winter into summer the moment he left and we went back to Winter ….I will be telling you that story in the coming weeks and I got the free airticket while living in Kakajjo zone 2 Old Kampala

In the early 1990’s the in thing in Kampala was to travel abroad and land menial Jobs that whites underlooked , work hard ,build yourself a good house and then put up a business.That was every one’s dream.

Ebony Waiswa

I used to live in Kakajjo Old Kampala. Kakajjo lies between Gaddafi road and Sir Appolo Kaggwa road. As it is the case with most slum areas boozing, gossiping, prostitution all took place in our lovely Kakajjo.

Most of my friends and these included Kato Lubwama, Hajj Ashiraf Simwogerere , Sserwadda, Michael, Ssemakalu could always meet at Mama Dora’s place(bar ) and discuss where one can land a good job. In Mama Dorah’s bar there was only one couch and the rest were wooden benches.

This one couch was reserved for whomsoever was about to travel abroad and had a ticket and Visa as proof. We could then put your ticket on the table plus your passport and then order Mama Dora to give us waragi a local potent brew. Then we could put that large bottle of waragi on the ticket and we booze like that mean while advising who so ever would be travelling the next day on how to behave and do your job properly but above all not to forget the Kakajjo they are hailing from.

Just a month earlier Kato Lubwama and me had nearly got tickets and visas for the Netherlands but for un- known reasons we found our selves in a police cell. Luckily the Late Nalongo Kato Lubwama’s Mum had bailed us out.

Nsubuga Asuman knew a place on Buganda road which used to be called Uganda-Soviet Cultural Centre.Here one could learn Russian for two years and after those years one was given a ticket and a visa to go and study in Russia. We all agreed that since we didn’t have money to afford air tickets we could use this cultural center get air tickets and once in Moscow we go to our original countries of interest. On this very building there was also an office for Ugandan students who have ever studied in Soviet Union. These fellas were allowed by the Soviet Union to take one member f

So as I was telling you earlier at the Soviet cultural center there was also an office for Soviet Graduates.And these were given chance by the Soviet Union to educate a brother or son free of charge in the Soviet. By the time I joined the center the Chairman of these Soviet Graduates was Mr. Kakande.

I approached Me. Kakande if he can allow me become his ‘brother’ he in turn asked for one million. I didn’t have the money in cash but I promised Me.Kakande that whenever I could get any amount of money I was to gave it straight to Mr.Kakande.

Hajj Ashiraf and Kato Lubwama organised illegal shows where we could get money ( we were still acting in The Black Pearls LTD) I could get one hundred thousand and give it straight to Mr Kakande time came and added the amount.I had given Me. Kakande and it was six hundred and fifty thousand…I gave him another one hundred thousand.

He even gave me some University forms to fill ….I filled them gave them back he said he was sending them to Moscow….after two weeks a list came out for those who had been selected to go to USSR my name was not on that list

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