Uganda Cycling: Sports minister promises funding guidelines to federations

By Joyce Bukirwa Kabanda……

(Uganda Cycling Media)

A total of 51 sports associations met in Lugogo at the National Council of Sports headquarters on Tuesday 30th March, during the sports federations forum, intended to pave way for adequate and proper funding to the sports federations.

During the forum, it was agreed that the process to develop the sports funding guidelines was underway, and that it would run for 40 days, beginning with April 1st to May 10th. The purpose of this, is to ensure that all Sports federations receive the kind of funding, to enable them run their activities.

In light of that, Obua urged federations to be fully respectful of the guidelines that will be drafted, because unless that is the case, funding may not be forthcoming. In a special way, Obua saved praise for the Uganda Cycling Association.

Obua said he managed to work /assist Pastor Ssemambo a member of the cycling family together with NCS to raise the money that helped them fly to Egypt to participate in the Africa road race in March. Also, Obua praised on Gen Salim Saleh for the same support he rendered towards cycling during the whole process. 

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