Onduparaka Saga: Fufa official tags players as ‘cowards’

By David Kalyango

Paul Mukatabala, an official at the Federation of Uganda Football Association – Fufa has described players’ constant failure to follow set-guidelines in demanding their due payments as a cowardly act.

He said; “Players must understand that when they are contracted by a club, it’s their right to engage management, seeking payment of salary.

“But many are simply cowards and prefer running to the players’ association, instead of club officials. I have time and again, advised Onduparaka (FC) players on the right procedures but many are simply and don’t want to involve another party (player manager or agent) because, they don’t surrender even a coin.

Paul Mukatabala (R) and Edward Kalungi (L) at a recent Fufa Congress. Both represent Ex-player in the Fufa Delegates’ Assembly.

“The first step is to officially communicate with the management of the club, seeking to know what steps in place to ensure payment in fulfilling their contractual obligations toward the players. If no response is forthcoming, despite constant reminders, then that’s when the player moves to the next course of action. “The Onduparaka issue in particular, I advised the players last week on the steps they should take, but I don’t any was bold enough to face his club officials on the same,” he revealed. 

Earlier this week, we broke the story of how Onduparaka players had not received a salary since December, 2018.

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“We tried our best in terms of making sure that we remain relevant but management is turning a deaf ear.

“Our next move is to take the matters to the authorities for a solution. We have families and other dependents, so how do they expect us to cater for them,” wondered a player, who asked not to be named.

Onduparaka’s conduct towards their playing staff is a contravention of Fifa’s minimum standard regulations, under article 14bis, which dictate that a player is at liberty to terminate his/her contract if s/he goes unpaid for two months.

“In case of a club unlawfully fails to pay a player at least two monthly salaries on their due dates, the player will be deemed to have a just cause to terminate his contract, provided that he has put the debtor club in default in writing and has granted a deadline of at least 15 days for the debtor club to fully comply with its financial obligation(s),” reads in parts, the regulation that was amended in 2018.

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2 thoughts on “Onduparaka Saga: Fufa official tags players as ‘cowards’

    1. Hello Patrick,
      Thanks for the concern.
      Just like, we did, you too, can try and get info from your team officials. We are journalists with over two decades’ experience. We are not interested in your (Arua or Onduparaka) politics. We will endeavour to ‘dig’ and publish stories based on facts and truth.
      Muhammad M. Dhakaba

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